Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dinner Menu 10/14-10/20

I am on top of the menu planning this week! In fact, last night I kept going back and forth between fixing a couple of different things!  But, I knew I needed to use some fresh broccoli that wouldn't last much longer, and we are trying to eat less meat anyway, so soup seemed like a good option.  Plus we LOVE some cheese in this house.
Sunday-Shrimp & lobster ravioli & salad 
Monday-Sweet potato casserole, corn, black eyed peas & turnip greens
Wednesday-Broccoli cheese soup and salad
Friday-It is homecoming at my husband's school so there will be a tailgate for teacher's families-and it's going to be the Varsity! yummm :)
Saturday-Brinner-bacon, eggs, biscuits, & grits
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