Thursday, September 13, 2012

Target Clearance: Cheap Organic Detergent

I made a trip to Target yesterday because I needed to pick up a couple hundred Hershey Kisses for my brother and soon to be SIL's rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. (You're welcome, Daniel!) As usual, if I stopped for more than 5 seconds, baby boy started to fuss. So, I was literally jogging down the end caps to check out the clearance, and look what I found!

Having been marked down 3 times, from $8.99 to $4.49 was a good deal already. But then I remembered I had some BabyGanics coupons in my binder from registering last winter. Not a huge savings, but my 25% off coupon took off another $1.12, bringing the price down to $3.37. Not bad for organic laundry detergent!

There was also Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, for which there is a .50/2 Target coupon for, as well as Plum Organic Baby Food. While I plan to make my own, it might not hurt to keep a couple of these around in case of emergency when we start solids in the next few months. Now time to keep an eye out for matching coupons...
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