Friday, September 7, 2012

Dinner Menu: 9/2-9/8

Even though our anniversary wasn't until Tuesday, my husband had made reservations for us to go out on Sunday since he had off worked out well because grandma the babysitter was already at our house for my soon to be sister in law's bridal shower and just stayed a few extra hours!  We also ended up going out on Tuesday night as a family, because I received a coupon for a free appetizer at Ted's....sharing the app and then splitting an entree was the perfect amount of food, and not very expensive. :)

Sunday-Horseradish Grille for our anniversary! 
Monday-Leftovers from anniversary dinner and shower 
Tuesday-Ted's Montana Grill
Wednesday-Turkey Chili w/ cornbread
Thursday-Roasted chicken, corn on the cob, & roasted okra with my parents
Friday-Chicken burritos
Saturday-It will be who knows!  Will probably work on leftovers
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