Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dinner Menu 8/26-9/1

Not a very exciting menu this week...since my grandfather turned 88 on Wednesday, a couple of my mom's siblings and my cousin's made a big family dinner out of the occasion on Tuesday. It was alot of fun, and he had no idea we were all coming to dinner.  I had some shrimp and biscuits leftover so I brought those home and incorporated them into dinner the next night. :)

Sunday-Used Papa John's 50% off deal from all the MLB homeruns to score cheap pizza
Monday-Roasted chicken, corn on the cob & broccoli

Tuesday-Red Lobster with my family to celebrate my grandfather turning 88!
Wednesday-Fettucini w/ Philadelphia Cooking Creme, leftover shrimp, green peppers & tomatoes
Friday-Fried chicken, red beans & rice, cole slaw, biscuits (In-laws brought over)
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