Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kroger Mega 8/20: 48% Savings

Compared with the terrible customer service I received at BRU last week, Kroger actually showed that they care about me as a customer. Don't get me wrong, I'll take Publix CS over Kroger's any day....but today a sweet lady helped out. Whether it was because I was carrying a baby around with a full cart, I'll never know...but I don't think it hurt!

By mistake, I accidentally grabbed the wrong kind of portable applesauce (yes, the cups are portable, but the pouches were the ones on sale that I had a coupon for.) When I checked out, the cashier tried to scan my coupon but it wouldn't work. I embarrassingly realized I'd grabbed the wrong brand, which would mess up my whole mega sale order. So I told her to continue with the order. After that was said and done, I went back to check the applesauce and what was included in the sale. It was the Motts and there was 1 left...I of course needed 2 to reach my 10 items, to get the $5 off. Argh. Thankfully the little one had just fallen asleep (he has a knack for doing that right before I'm about to walk out of the store) and I explained my situation to the CS lady. Not only did she take the coupon for the Motts, but she let me keep the other brand and gave me back the money for the coupon and the $5 that should've come off at checkout but didn't because I made a silly mistake. It was all my fault and they were awesome about it. I will definitely be emailing corporate and praising that store because they could've made my trip a lot less fun.

Anyway...I also got a $50 Shell gift card because right now gift cards are worth 4x the fuel points...so that means I'll get .20/gallon next time I fill up at Kroger or Shell, and have the gas paid for already!

Total before coupons & store sales: $74.46 (not including gas gift card)
Total OOP: $38.89
Savings: 48%

The asterisk indicates item was part of Mega Sale: Buy 10, get $5 off (or .50 off each item if you'd rather look at it that way)

*(6) Cascadian Farms Organic Cereal @ $2.69 each, so $16.14 total
    -(6) .75/1 found HERE
Final price:$11.64  for all 6, or $1.94 each

*(4) Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice @ $1.88 each, so $7.52 total
    -no coupon

*(2) Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes @ $1.99 each, so $3.98 total
     -$1/2 found in 8/19 SS
Final price: $2.98 for both, or $1.49 each

*(2) Huggies 64-ct Refills @ $1.49 each, so $2.98 total
       -.50/1, doubled, found in 8/12 SS and $1/1 any Huggies product mailed by Kimberly Clark in      response to previous complaint
Final price: $.98 for both, or .49 each

*Welch's Grape Jelly @ $2.07
     -.35/1, doubled, found in 7/29 RP
Final Price: $1.37

*Irish Spring Soap 3-pack @ $1.47
      -.50/1, doubled, found 8/12 SS
Final Price: .47

*(2) Pillsbury Cookie Dough @ $1.99 each, so $3.98 total
     -(2) .50/1, doubled, peelies found on product
     -$1/2 SavingStar eCoupon
Final price: $1.98 for both, or .99 each, or .50 each after SavingStar deposit

(2) GoGo Applesauce @ $2.49, so $4.98 total
     -no coupon, but CS lady gave them to me after the fiasco I created
Final price: Free

Gain @ $10.19
      -$1/1 found in 7/22 SS
Final price: $9.19

Simply Truth Cage Free Brown Eggs @ $2.50 (reg.
      -no coupon

Kroger Orange Juice Frozen Concentrate @ $1.79
     -no coupon

2.16 lb Red Grapes @ $1.19/lb
     -no coupon
Final price: $2.57

Kroger Lemon Juice @ $1.79
     -no coupon

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