Monday, August 20, 2012

Charlie Banana CD's

So I made my first order from Zulily a few weeks ago for some new cloth diapers they had a good sale on.  They are called Charlie Banana CD's, and they had some really cute designs!  The company also donates a portion of their profits to Operation Smile, which I really appreciate.  As a bonus, there was a coupon code for free shipping currently available! 

While I think this is a super cute diaper...nobody sees the back, except me!  Oh well, still cute. :)
Yes, these are "boy" designs....but if we ever have a girl, you better believe she'll be wearing spaceships and construction designed diapers as well!
Most of my stash are BumGenius...and they do not make a "true" red....which was obviously a necessity for college football season (Georgia Dawgs, anyone?) according to my husband.  So, I had to include a couple of red ones in there to make him he's a good diaper changer, and if that keeps him happy, I can certainly satisfy that request.
Here are the insides of the diapers....each one came with 2 inserts...right now I'm just using one, but as my little boy grows, I'm sure we'll need two eventually!  It's hard to tell, but the inside of the diaper and the inserts are so soft....much better for his little bum than disposables (in my humble opinion).
The diapers usually run about $19 or $20 full price...but I bought all 6 of these for $75, making them just  under $13 each, which is a great deal for CD's.  I haven't used all of them yet, but so far I think my little guy likes them, and I love the softness!  They do have a little elastic inside, so I can change the size as need be for a while.  Hoping these last us until potty training days...I can't even think about that yet!  Anyway, just wanted to share the cuteness that goes on my child's bum. :)
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