Sunday, August 19, 2012

BRU: Customer Service is Everything

So I had a terrible experience at Babies R' Us this week, and while I don't have a huge following, I feel their unwillingness to honor their coupons is very unsatisfactory and needs to be heard.  So here goes the story:

Like everyone, I received the digital $5 off anything stipulations at all (no min purchase, no exclusions, etc).  The coupon was good for about 5 days, until Thursday the 16th.  Well, I happened to be around a BRU on Wednesday and decided I'd just go use the $5 to buy an outfit on clearance for when my son gets a little bigger since he is growing out of clothes like crazy. I ended up grabbing a few other items while I was there, and when I got up to the register, I tried to open the coupon up on my phone (as it said to do, saving some paper) and it just went to the weekly ad on the webstie.  The associate assumed I'd already used the coupon....when I promised I hadn't yet, he pulled over a supervisor to manually put in the code (which they knew because people had been using the coupon for days).  She refused to put it in, saying they had received an email from corporate saying the coupon had been abused-people were printing it more than once (which duh, happens when you don't restrict the number of printings and have no way to track it) and using it at different stores, and they were no longer allowed to over-ride.  I get that people were abusing it...but how did the company not see that coming???  Especially when they advertised that coupon all over the was on every coupon blog I've seen.

Anyway, she tells me to call customer service.  (Meanwhile my baby is soooo ready to get out of the store because we've been at the register for 15 minutes waiting)  So I get home and call...only to be told the coupon is invalid and there's nothing they can do to satisfy a now very angry customer.  Absolutely nothing.  I was in disbelief....they weren't even going to try.  I even talked with a supervisor on the phone and told her I'd take all my business to Buy Buy Baby where I've never had a problem with customer service (and this isn't the first time I've had issues with BRU).  She just said ok, whatever you want. 

As a follow up, I emailed the company.  I received a generic reply back saying I could still use the printable until its expiration date, but the digital coupon was no longer available.  No joke.  And let me get this right...the coupon that has been abused soooo many times is still being accepted, but the digital copy that could be tracked is invalid now?  The steam was just blowing out of my ears as I read the email.  While I know BRU doesn't care that they've lost one customer, I'm sure I was not the only unhappy customer.  If that's how they're going to do business, I want no part in making them more successful.  Customer service IS everything BRU, and you just don't seem to understand that.  There's my rant...and now I'm done.  Thanks for sticking with me if you read this whole story. :)
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