Friday, July 20, 2012

Dinner Menu: 7/15-7/21

It is so much harder to find time to blog now!  Not that I get much else done around the house except hold my sweet baby who has definitely become a mama's boy and gets quite upset when I set him down...but occasionally I can cook a meal thanks to my husband's help. We have been fortunate to grab some fresh veggies from my parent's garden since we didn't have one this year.  Here is some of the harvest...

 In your household this week?
Sunday-Mojo Baked Chicken, string beans & red potatoes 
Monday-Homemade hamburger helper 
Tuesday-Pancakes, scrambled eggs & cantaloupe
Wednesday-Philly Cheese Steak & chips at a local restaurant with family
Thursday-Country fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans (at a local restaurant-my husband let me go out with a friend for the evening!)
Saturday-Breaded tilapia with brown rice & roasted okra
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