Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cleaning the Cloth

We have now been using cloth diapers for a couple of weeks-while that doesn't make me an expert by any means, I thought I'd share my experience thus far. My little one is 2 1/2 months old, and for the first month and a half, we used disposables because 1) we had a BUNCH! and 2) he wasn't quite big enough to fit into the cloth. I only have 17 diapers right now (15 BumGenius & 2 gDiapers), and I really need more.  Closer to 30 would be ideal, but it will take a while to build a stash like that without shelling out some serious money all at one time.  As a result of only having 17, I can go about 2 days with my collection, which means I'm washing every 3rd day or so. 

I had heard that placing the diapers and inserts out in the sun would bleach out the stains.  I totally didn't believe it....especially after I washed my first load and they came out of the washer with a bunch of stains from the poop. (By the way, I had to look this up because I wasn't sure; the diapers don't need to be rinsed before they go in the washer...just throw them in, wash them on hot, rinse in cold, hang out to dry, or toss in dryer). But, I figured it couldn't hurt and I placed them outside on my railing like so:
To get a better idea of what the inserts look like when they come of the washer, check this out:
It's hard to see in the picture, but there are some stains on the inserts...look to the left side of each one and you may be able to faintly see them.  While this is not the perfect setup for bleaching/drying diapers, it works....for now anyway!  After a couple hours of hanging out on the railing, I went to check them and found that sure enough, the stains were gone! 
After washing them, I usually put the inserts into the dryer to sort of half dry while the diapers go out on the railing.  For the most part they aren't stained, and they just need an hour of sun to fully dry out since they don't come out of the washer very wet. Then when the diapers are dry, I replace them with the inserts to fully dry them out and get rid of the stains.  It is really quite an easy process and doesn't really add to the laundry load.  They must be stuffed each time, but that only takes a few minutes.  Compared to filling up a trashcan weekly with stinky disposables that will sit in a landfill for decades, I can handle a few minutes of extra stuffing. 

I know I still have plenty to learn about my CD's...but this is just the beginning.  Let me know if you have any good tips on cloth diapering!
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