Monday, April 2, 2012

New Month=New Coupons!

Even if you didn't get a paper yesterday, most of the printables reset since it's a new month!  It seems the coupons have been lacking a little bit lately, so I was glad a new month had rolled around, so we could at least some new coupons. :)

My favorite is the .75/1 Cascadian Farms product...of course $1/1 is always more desirable, but I'll take this over nothing!  2 of these can be paired with the $1/2 Whole Foods coupon, for a combined total of $2.50 off of 2 boxes of cereal at Publix, or $1.50 at other stores such as Kroger.

And, while it isn't the healthiest option for dinner, I am a fan of the Philadelphia Cooking Cremes...I can easily toss some veggies in it with pasta, and a meal is ready!  Who doesn't love cream cheese?  The $1.50/2 coupon can also be used on the new dessert dips (YUM!!! like this pregnant girl needs 1 more reason to eat chocolate?!?!) and/or the new Milkbite granola bars.

In terms of something a bit healthier, there is a .75/2 Morningstar Farms Veggie products or $1/1 Kashi steam meal.

Don't forget to hit back and print them twice!
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