Monday, April 23, 2012

Look what I found...

I have been in Buy Buy Baby (the baby version of Bed Bath & Beyond) multiple times in the past few months...and while I knew you could buy cloth diapers through the website, I never saw them in the store...until today that is! I don't know if I've just missed them every time I've been in there, or they just started carrying them in store...but I was excited to see them!  That means I can use a BB&B 20% coupon on them if I ever want to buy more--plus the gas it takes to get to the store, but thankfully that's dropping-slightly.  Anyway...I of course want to see what the color "sassy" looks like, because it looks so orange online-but of course, they didn't have it!  I think the dark pink are super cute (a.k.a "zinnia"), but they're a no-go on our little boy.  Not that I care all that much...but I'm not sure my husband would appreciate carrying him around in a pink diaper too much.

Anyway, that was my exciting find of the day.  I know there are a limited number of BBB stores, but if you have one nearby, definitely check it out.

We are still here waiting, with 11 days to go before my due date.  Did I mention I feel like a beached whale these days? 
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