Friday, February 10, 2012

Publix 2/9

Starting yesterday, there is a new Publix rebate available that goes with the new booklet, "Running Out? Run In" promotion.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to get the coupons, but I made a scenario just in case...and luckily, my Publix had them when I asked at CS. You had to buy $30 in participating products in one purchase, and you'd get a $5 gift card in return. I only used the Pampers and Yoplait coupons, but that was $3 right there...and then I was glad I'd also saved my $2/1 Cheerios Publix coupons from a few weeks ago.  Although the Honey Nut weren't included in the rebate, the regular and Multi-Grain were, and using manufacturer and store q's really brought down the prices on these big, not-on-sale boxes.

I try not to go through too many Pillsbury sweet rolls and biscuits, because man those things are tasty.  But, when they go on sale 10/$10, and there is a .50/1, or .50/2 coupon available, I stock up for a good long while.  We also make biscuits, which make these last a good bit longer, and make for a special treat.  I never buy Yoplait yogurt, but since it was part of the promotion, the price ended up almost equal to what I usually pay for cups and/or a pint of other brands of yogurt. 

My husband has turned me into a grits eater....of course they need lots of butter and cheese, but I wouldn't have touched those things 2 years ago.  We'd finally used up our little box, so this bag should last a good looooong while! Of course I come home and a new coupon for 'get $5, when you spend $15 on Quaker products', pops up on SavingStar.  Oh well...

Publix in my area is also running the gas gift card deal in addition to doing pretty well with the rebate, I also snagged a $50 gift card to Shell (where I can use my Kroger .10 off/gallon discount) for $40!

Total before coupons & store savings (including rebate): $94.89 ($44.89 for just the food, no gas card)
Total OOP: $64.98 ($24.98 for just food & diapers)
Total OOP after rebate: $59.98 ($19.98 for just food & diapers)

Cheerios @ $5.19
    -$2/1 Cheerios found in store 2 weeks ago-ish (store q)
    -$1.75/2 General Mills cereals
Final Price: $1.44

Multi-Grain Cheerios @ $4.19
     -$2/1 Cheerios found in store
Final Price: $2.19

Pampers @ $8.99 (reg. $10.99)
     -$2/1 found in Running Out, Run In booklet
     -$1.50/1 any Pampers found in PG 1/29/12
Final Price: $5.49

(4) Grands Pillsbury Biscuits @ 10/$10, so $4
     -(2) $1/2 found HERE
Final Price: $2 for all 4, or .50 each

(2) Pillsbury Sweet Rolls @ 10/$10, so $2
     -.50/1, doubled, found in SS 1/8/12
     -.30/1, doubled, found in SS 2/5/12
Final Price: .40 for both, or .20 each

(10) Yoplait @ .60 each, so $6 total
     -$1/10 found in Running Out, Run in booklet (store q)
     -.50/8, doubled, found HERE
Final Price: $4 for all 10, or .40 each

Publix Cream Soda 1 Liter @ .89
     -Mystery Penny item in yesterday's AJC
Final Price: a penny!

(2) M&M's @ .89, so $1.78 total
     -$1.50/2 Mars seasonal candy found HERE
Final Price: .28 for both, or .14 each

Quaker Grits @ $3.69
     -no coupon

Publix Raisins @ $3
    -no coupon

Duncan Hines Cake Mix @ .92 (BOGO)
    -.35/1, doubled, found in SS 2/5/12
Final Price: .22
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