Saturday, February 4, 2012

Publix 2/2

Thank goodness for coupons that can be stacked!  Most of these items were not on sale (gasp!), but I had enough coupons to make them worth spending the money on.  At least it was like buying them on BOGO!  Having cooked a good bit of chili this winter, and the way my husband goes through cereal, I was in serious need of tomatoes and cereal...and although I do buy non-organic from time to time, I think my husband was beginning to wonder if I'd dropped off the organic train.  I think I'm going to donate the saltines since I rarely eat them...these would've been good about 5 months ago when I couldn't eat much else!  Now....not so much. :)

Total before coupons & store savings: $38.61
Total OOP: 17.03
Savings: 56%
(4) Cascadian Farms Organic Cereal @ $3.99 each, so $15.96
     -(2) $3/2 CF product found in Yellow Advantage Flyer (store q)
     -(2) $1/2 CF product peelie found on product
Final Price: $7.96 for all 4, or $1.99 each

(2) Cascadian Farms Organic Granola Bars @ $3.99 each, so $7.98 each
      -$3/2 CF product foud\nd in YAF (store q)
      -$1/2 CF granola bars found HERE
Final Price: $3.98 for both, or $1.99 each

(6) Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes @ $1.69 each, so $10.14 total
     -(2) $2/3 MG tomatoes found in YAF (store q)
     -(3) $1/2 MG products found HERE
Final Price: $3.14 for all 6, or .52 each

(2) Barilla Whole Grain Pasta @ 2/$1.23 (BOGO)
     -$1/2 found in SS 1/22/12
Final Price: .23 for both, or .12 each

Publix Saltines @ $1.37
    -Mystery Penny Item found in today's AJC
Final Price: a penny!
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