Thursday, February 9, 2012

CSA Delivery # 2

Yesterday was our second CSA delivery.  I was much happier with this selection, as I felt like it was stuff I might actually buy at the store, and thus money wasn't being wasted.  I did cook the radishes from last week, but I can't say I really enjoyed them.  My husband said they weren't bad.  They didn't quite soften up, and he said they sort of reminded him of an uncooked baked potato....which I thought was pretty spot-on.  Note to self....cook longer at lower heat!  I also cooked the collards, which turned out pretty well.  The turnips...well, I've yet to touch those...

As for this delivery, we received the following:

Carrots (which remind me of Bugs Bunny carrots)
MORE collard greens (anybody tried collard chips???)
MORE radishes (2 different kinds)

I'm thinking about some cilantro/lime chicken for dinner tonight...
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