Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Long?

My husband has been looking for places to recycle styrafoam since we can't include it in our city recycling.  Unfortunately there are not many places to recycle it because it can be a much lengthier and expensive process than recycling paper or plastic.  But, we collect a good bit of it when we bring home leftovers from restaurants, etc.
This may be a little exaggerated but it sure gets the point across!
He was curious about how long it takes items to decompose when they are not recycled.  This list came from Penn State University:

Paper-2-4 Weeks (we recycle and/or compost)
Leaves-1-3 Months (we compost)
Orange Peel- 6 Months (we compost)
Milk Carton- 5 years (we recycle)
Plastic Bag- 10-20 Years (we recycle)
Plastic Container- 50-80 Years (we recycle)
Aluminium Can- 80 Years (we recycle)
Tin Can- 100 Years (we recycle)
Plastic Soda Bottle- 450 Years (we recycle)
Glass Bottle-500 Years (we recycle)
Styrofoam-Never. YIKES.
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