Monday, December 26, 2011

Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts

My sister gave me and my husband some really cute eco-friendly gifts for Christmas, and I just wanted to share them!  We got another cloth diaper to add to my collection (up to 3 now and 19 weeks before baby is due), along with these other items:
There is a stainless steel lunch container that is the perfect size for a sandwhich or other kinds of leftovers, and a little container for something like yogurt, that doesn't have to be thrown away every time a cup of yogurt is eaten.  The decorative cloths are an alternative to a paper towel.  They feel very similar to a paper towel, but can be re-used over and over again and are cute!  All of these items were bought at The Container Store (I believe).  Did ya'll get anything good and/or eco-friendly for Christmas???
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