Friday, November 18, 2011

Ways to Re-Use Newspaper

We get the Sunday and now Thursday paper every week.  Although I enjoy reading the newspaper, I can skim through it in about 30 minutes, whereas my husband sits for about 2 hours reading through every section after church on Sundays.  I take that time to cut my coupons and organize them...some weeks don't take nearly as much time as others...meaning there aren't very many coupons I want!  Although we do recycle our newspaper, I was reminded the other day that there are actually lots of uses that newspaper is good for....including cleaning mirrors which was what husband was doing.  Do you re-use your paper in any of these ways or some other way I haven't included?

1) Clean windows or glass. Dip crumpled newspaper into water mixed with a splash of white vinegar, and clean those windows up without any streaks or harmful chemicals! It also won't leave little white specks like paper towels do.

2) Make a weed barrier in the yard. If you’re building a raised bed, lay out pieces of newspaper before you fill it up with dirt. The paper will help keep weeds from invading. You can also use garden bags for this, as my dad did last year in his garden.

3) Wrap some gifts. It’s fun to go through your papers to find cute and colorful pages to use as gift wrap. When I was a kid, my parents wrapped a few of my birthday gifts in the comics (probably instead of hunting down expensive wrapping paper).  My husband likes to use brown paper that can be recycled and he challenges hiumself not to use any tape (which can't be recycled), and only used yarn to tie up gifts and make them visually appealing. I, on the other hand, LOVE wrapping we compromise and do half/half!

4) Pack it up. Instead of plastic bubble wrap, wrap valuables in newspaper for shipping, and pad your box with more crumpled paper.

5) In the fridge. Keep the bottom of the veggie drawer from getting nasty by lining it with newspaper. It will absorb liquid and odors.

6) For ripening fruit. If you’ve picked up some under-ripe peaches, avocados, or other fruit, wrap them in newspaper to ripen them more quickly. Paper bags also work for this.

7) Compost it. Newspaper makes great bedding for a worm bin. Tear into strips and let those red wigglers turn it into gardening gold!

8) Papier mache. Get crafty with that old newsprint! You can make all sorts of fun papier mache projects, like a piƱata or cool bangle bracelets.  Well, you probably could...I don't think I've done papier mache since 1st grade!

9) Line the puppy crate. Dog owners who are crate training can use old newspapers to line the puppy crate. It makes cleanup much easier when your sweet pup has an accident.
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