Thursday, December 8, 2011

Composting: Yay or Nay?

Do any of ya'll compost?  I know some of my friends that will read this do not have the room or resources...but neither do we really and we make do.  Luckily, my parents don't live too far from us and they have a nice big compost pile that we help contribute to.  We bought this nice little gem for about $20 at TJ Maxx a few years ago..
And it has actually been pretty awesome.  Under the top is a filter which absorbs alot of the smell.  So, we just throw in scraps of fruits and veggies, egg shells, coffee grinds, etc., and when it gets full, we go dump it at my parent's house.  We probably don't dump it often enough though, because the items tend to start composting themselves before we can empty it, and that can turn into a nasty mess if you're not careful!  But, after letting it sit with leaves and the like in their yard for a few months, we go back in the spring and "borrow" some of the compost that has been made...a rich mixture of nutrients that plants absolutely love!  So basically, plants are feeding future plants!  Our garden loved the compost this fact, we even had a cantaloupe start to grow out of it...but the timing was off, so it never got to where we could eat it (and have it be yummy!).  You can buy compost at the store, but I think homemade compost tends to work better...and it's free!  Composting also means less trash to deal with every week, and no smelly trashcan.

It is beyond me why more people don't's frugal, doesn't contain lots of chemicals like fertilizers, and reduces trash in landfills.  I know the hard part is getting started, but once you get into the groove, you won't even think about tossing those scraps in there.  Now, any ole' container will hold the scraps, but if you get one like ours, it also contains the smell if you're unable to dump frequently.  Like I said, this is not most I've seen this go for about $40, with an average price of $30.
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