Monday, November 7, 2011


So I had checked out Target on Saturday, but Halloween clearance was still at 75% off...and while that is pretty good, getting items for 90% off is the real thrill!  Granted, alot of stuff is gone by the time the markdowns get that high, so if there's something you really want, definitely get it at 50-75% off 1-6 days after Halloween. 

My husband participates in a program at his school where fun little treats are passed between seniors and teachers, a privledge of being a senior.  These "gifts" usually are handed back and forth secretly on holidays, and there is no better time than holiday clearance at Target to grab some goodies for the next year!  I was even surprised at how much I ended up with!
I may have bought a few things for my future .49, how can you not???

Total before store sale: $46.72
Total OOP: $5.27
Savings: 89%

"My 1st Halloween" Bib @ .39 (orig. $3.99)
Onsie Set @ .49 (orig. $4.99)
Jello Mold @ .29 (orig. $2.99)
Nerds @ .74 (orig. $2.49) (I have a weakness for these...)
(2) Mini Animal Cracker Packages @ .29 each, so .58 total (orig. $2.99 each)
4-pack Spider Cupcake Stand @ .49 (orig. $4.99)
(5) Cupcake/Muffin Liners @ .19 each, so.95 total (orig. $1.99 each, or $9.95 total)
(2) Gel Clings @ .20 each, so .40 total (orig. $2 each, or $4 total)
(3) Halloween Decor (spiders, pens, hands) @ .10 each, or .30 total (orig. $1 each, or $3 total)
Felt Jack-O-Lantern Kit @ .10 (orig. $1)
Bucket @ .40 (orig. $4)
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