Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dinner Menu 10/16-10/22

I am still not much for cooking, but my energy level has at lease increased somewhat.  There may not be dinner, but at least the house is a little cleaner!  I made a whole chicken at the beginning of the week and we used that a couple of times this week...but now I'm had enough chicken for a while!  With the weather turning cold, I anticipate my crockpot is about to get a workout.  Any new recipes ya'll like that you think I should try?

Sunday-Broccoli alfredo
Monday-Roasted a whole chicken for us to munch on all week

Tuesday-Ribs, spinach & mashed potatoes
Wednesday-I was craving a we headed to a local burger joint called Pickles
Thursday- Used chicken to make burrito bowls with black & pinto beans, rotel and cheese
Friday-Potluck tailgate at husband's school
Saturday-Used leftover chicken and beans to make nachos
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