Thursday, September 8, 2011

Money-Saving Apps

I have recently become the new owner of a fancy schmancy iPhone.  And, I LOVE it.  I'm probably a little pre-occupied with it sometimes, but it has helped me out a ton while shopping.  I've discovered a few new apps that I really like, that are setting me on my way to getting more free stuff on Amazon, Home Depot, and a bevy of other stores.  So, I thought I'd share some of them with you guys! 
1)  The first app is called CheckPoints.  You check in at random businesses (Target, Publix, restaurants, etc) through the GPS on your phone.  Then, once you get to that place, you can scan the bar codes of various items throughout the store for more points!  Every 300 points you get is a $1 Amazon gift card...and the points are not hard to get at all...just do a few minutes of extra scanning and they add up pretty quickly. I know the iPhone has this app, and I think I've heard that Android has it too...(And if you wanted to put in the referral/bonus code jammons to help earn your first dollar FREE, you wouldn't hurt my feelings. :))

2) Shopkick is another fun app.  It's the same principle as Checkpoints - check in to businesses for points, scan barcodes on items for points...they just do it a little differently.  You can go here to find out more, and when you download from your app store.
Let me know if you guys are aware of any other fun money-saving apps!

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