Friday, August 12, 2011

Extra Cash: Global Test Market

One of the ways I make a little extra money or earn credits towards Amazon is by filling out surveys.  I am signed up for several companies, but one of them is Global Test Market.  With GTM, you complete surveys that will earn you points, that can later be cashed in.  The length of the survey usually determines the amount of points you'll, longer survey=more points.  You're not required to answer all of the surveys that are sent to you, I just answer them at my leisure.

I would suggest, if you don't already have one, open a free email account (I use gmail) just for surveys.  If I don't have time to check that account for a few days, the surveys can add up, especially if you're signed up with more than one company.  I will continue to post other companies that I really like working with in the future.

If you are interested though, just head on over to GTM, and sign up for your free account...and then wait for them to send you surveys!
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